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Electronic Voice Phenomena:
Anomalous audio
manifestations at frequencies unapparent to the human ear until playback...


What Do I Think E.V.P Is?

In short, a projection of consciousness into/from an existential dimension unapparent to 'us' due to frequencial differences.

Like to CB radios, if you're not both on the same channel, communication can't occur. However, line up the frequencies of both parties & the lines of communication are now open!  It's the same with capturing & listening to E.V.P.

Does this lining up of frequencies extend to the post-mortal & mortal consciousness? Well that's the big question. But personally, I feel that it does.

Are Some People More Able to Receive EVP Communications?

Possibly. I think that everyone can do this, it's just that, like getting a tan, some people are just biologically more prone to it than others! It's just how it is, for whatever reason.

"I never said that it was possible. I said that it was true." Sir William Crookes


Sample a selection of my E.V.P recordings below, with headphones if possible! All recorded whilst I was 100% alone. As with true E.V.Ps, nothing was heard at the time, only on subsequent playback.


"In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed."

Antoine Lavosier


*  Please note:  What I have written for this website, thoughts, theories, are only my opinion.  If I have quoted anybody I aim to have done so correctly. 

*  Also please note: This is a pastime and passion of mine. I am NOT a psychiatrist, not a doctor, and am  not qualified in any way to advise on hypersensitivity to hearing voices that may or may not be existential.  Please seek genuine medical assistance if you are concerned.


I will not lend money, and I will not stand for any spam or unrelated contact that causes suspicion.

Thank you.

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