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Electronic Voice Phenomena:
Anomalous audio
manifestations at frequencies unapparent to the human ear until playback...


What Do I Think E.V.P Is?

In short, a projection of consciousness into/from an existential dimension unapparent to 'us' due to frequencial differences. Wherever these sounds come from it's not far away - it's right here, but at a frequency that does not allow us in our current 'black and white' mode of mammalian comprehension (or lack of), to see/hear/feel. It's a myriad of colours across the spectrum, if we stick with the colour metaphor). A bedazzling rainbow. And it's the same for sound...

Spectrums are not purely pertaining to visual platforms, and neither for audio, or any of our other senses. These things do exist and occasionally make themselves apparent, and that's when we get a brief peek into what in the past, dismal days of the Victorian seance and its ilk, would have archaically been referred to as 'the beyond...!' This isn't some far flung place. This isn't 'heaven' - it's right here. Does phenomena fade over time (or our perception of it)? Is EVP merely the first rung on a multi-step ladder that goes off at tangents and spirals away in all directions and onwards? Who knows. Perhaps it's like an afterburn, starts off strong then disappates.  But what I do know is this; that this phenomenon is tangible and as real as they fact you're staring at this screen right now. And that means that either you're already an EVP devotee just having a browse, or you're pondering whether to have a go yourself?! Go for it!  

So why can some people 'pick up' on certain types of phenomena and others not? Why are some folks tuned-in when it comes to visual phenomena (I'm not) and not audio? (I am). I'm not saying this is correct because this is just what I feel, but... we're all different. We're these amazing mammals that operate from the same system, but our intricate differences are what make us unique as people. And I feel that this is the case for tuning into anomalous phenomena, whatever it may be.

Like to CB radios, if you're not both on the same channel, communication can't occur. However, line up the frequencies of both parties & the lines of communication are now open!  It's the same with capturing & listening to EVP, I'm sure of it, & indeed our perception of other phenomena.

Does this lining up of frequencies extend to the post-mortal & mortal consciousness? Well, that's the big question I suppose. But personally, I feel that it does.

But what I do I think, is that EVERYONE who wants to, can do this. Have a go. It's just that, like getting a tan, some people are just biologically more prone to it than others! It's just how it is, for whatever reason. And I'm happy that I seem to have a knack with EVP, because it's been the most enormously life-changing blessing, and I love investigating it. 

"I never said that it was possible. I said that it was true." Sir William Crookes

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Lost Voices is a non-profit site that I set up for all-things associated with Electronic Voice Phenomena. I've been immersing myself in it for around 15 years now, & it's as exciting & baffling as ever. I tried starting a social media group but that didn't really work, so I've set this up instead.

So... a bit about me and what I get up to. I generally investigate alone despite the powers that be saying that this is a no-no. I do this to eliminate (as far as possible) noise pollution, & having just one other person present distracts and degrades recordings - so as great as it would be to have back up that there's no faking going on (and you have my absolute guarantee that there is not), it's a Catch 22 situation, because captures are devalued. So, alone is best.  I then catalogue & then analyse my findings, trying to find patterns & possible connections between captures & the circumstances, asking questions, & attempting to find answers.

Here I share some of my best EVP captures, theories, queries & tips with similarly-minded investigators or for anyone interested!  I try to regularly update these pages, including my blogs.  Many of my experiences with EVP & indeed other forms of  phenomena, including anomalous photographic captures, & moderate poltergeist activity at my own home 2017-2024 are discussed here too.

If you're new to EVP & are wondering what it's all about, I hope that this site will open your eyes, ears, and mind to this strange and wonderful phenomenon, one that defies our conditioned comprehension, is a metaphysical anomaly, marvel, & total game-changer! 

Thanks for dropping by.


Sample a selection of my E.V.P recordings below, with headphones if possible! All recorded whilst I was 100% alone. As with true E.V.Ps, nothing was heard at the time, only on subsequent playback.


I'm now on YouTube! Have a look at my first videos by searcing for @lostvoicesevpgirl


"In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed."

Antoine Lavosier

*  Please note:  What I have written for this website, thoughts, theories, are only my opinion.  If I have quoted anybody I aim to have done so correctly. 

*  Also please note: This is a pastime and passion of mine. I am NOT a psychiatrist, not a doctor, and am  not qualified in any way to advise on hypersensitivity to hearing voices that may or may not be existential.  Please seek genuine medical assistance if you are concerned.


Which brings me to another issue that, bizarrely, I've had to deal with a number of times since setting up this non-profit site: I will not lend money, and I will not stand for threats or blackmail, nor unrelated contact that causes suspicion.

Thank you.

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