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Please note that I have set up Lost Voices to share EVP findings with interested people, and it's doing very well at that, and I thank everyone who has shown interest.


However, although I investigate & study EVP, I am in NO way qualified to advise anybody who is hearing voices existentially, or otherwise. If you are concerned, please seek medical advice - I am not a doctor. I apologise if you have misunderstood what I do, but may I suggest that you take a browse of my website if you are in any doubt. If you genuinely believe that your symptoms may be of a 'spiritual nature', please contact a reputable medium or paranormal group. I do not hear voices, I only pick them up on equipment therefore I am not the one to help you, and for that I apologise.

Please note that neither will I accept communications of a dubious nature, be that scamming, blackmail, or begging for money. I hope that this is clear.

Thank you! 

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