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Itc - evp - drv:  what's the difference?

In the world right now it does seem as though we're bombarded with abbreviations, particularly in the Covid-19 days. PCR. LF. PLF. QR. Well, if you're not fully confused already I  shall throw a few more into the mix! 

EVP you'll already know, but this branch of communication is just one of several that come under the ITC umbrella - Instrumental Transcommunication.


ITC:  This basically means any sort of attempted communication with another dimension, being, reality beyond our own that involves the use of a device. This could be anything from computers, telephones, radios, TVs tuned into fuzz, rippling water, scrying, staring into fire... the latter are the more archaic examples, the more modern of course being those using electronic devices.

DRV stands for Direct Radio Voices, and like EVP is a branch of ITC and involves the detuning of older style radios with SW settings.  The radios have a certain vital part removed so that no actual radio stations are picked up. Details of how to perform the coil-ectomy are given in full in the book, Electronic Voices, Contact From Another Dimension?  by Dr. Anabela Cardoso.


For me Dr. Cardoso is the queen of ITC, and in her books she illustrates how she has set up her five radios tuned to specific frequencies. She says that although these are the frequencies that she has found give her the best results, that it is down to the individual investigator to try to find their own. For more on this groundbreaking research, visit Anabela's website the ITC Journal. Media – ItcJournal

There is a VAST difference between EVP communications and DRV. EVP must be studied in retrospect, and although I can claim to have many varied and personally interactive communications with regular entities whom can be recognised, much of what I receive through my recorder is nonsensical, or seems to be from the past or stuck in a loop if you like.  Anabela's commuications are in the moment, and conversations both ways can go on for hours.

DRV appear to be from an organised group from 'the beyond' who claim to be the deceased. Anabela and other devotees to DRV have had many personal messages from family and friends who have icperson. After his time in the particular place that he was, where he was able to communicate with Anabela, he moved on to the next level.  According to the new communicator, he could still hear - but he could no longer return conversation.  

The overriding message from this place, that to Anabela 'they' refer to as the Rio de Tempo, the River of Time, is that "WE ARE NOT DEAD!"

If you wish to know more of DRV recordings and experiments please read up on both Dr. Anabela Cardoso's three books and her webiste the ITC Journal, and also Konstantin Raudive's Breakthrough.   These are the fundamental pillars of ITC reading. 

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