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In 2018 I was lucky enough to meet Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman when they filmed an episode of Paranormal Lockdown in the UK. 

I chatted to them about my EVP work and they were interested.  Producer/cameraman Rob Saffi took a copy of my catalogue and said that they'd reach out to me and that I'd get a credit in the show - it didn't happen, but it was great to meet them all nonetheless!






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I have been lucky enough to have two articles published so far.  

In 2019 I had a lengthy piece published in US magazine Paranormal Underground, and in 2020 I had the first of a serialisation of a second article published in Haunted Magazine.  This second one exceeded the word count just a bit, and so it's appearing in several issues. 




I was interviewed by Mr Dave Cable of Timequest Media for his latest book on the history of the prison at Shepton Mallet. He has kindly included the entire multi-page document, and I can't thank him enough.  It is available from the prison at £30 a copy! 

IMG_20201118_230549 (2).jpg

In 2018 I was interviewed for a short documentary film. The content was regarding HMP Shepton Mallet and how it is considered 'haunted', and the attitude of most people proposed developments.

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What's current?

bbc uncanny.PNG

I can't recommend this series of podcasts enough! The community that has grown around it (Twitter) is incredible. True tales of all things spooky, laid out, debated and theorised. Wednesday mornings have not been the same since the last ep' aired!

Listen to all 13 fabulous episodes now on BBC Sounds - and prepare for a second series.

Follow the hype on Twitter! #UncannyCommunity #Uncanny and #DannyRobins #BloodyHellKen

netflix bp.PNG

#THE BATTERSEA POLTERGEIST. This is a wonderfully different approach to telling a 'ghost story', (as most of the general public would see it), interlacing interviews with experts, both believers and sceptics, with dramatised sections based upon diary entries, this is one production that I'm sure you'll love.

Toby Jones heads the cast of this six-parter, as 'Chip', the friendly accountant turned ghost hunter who investigated with the family in question throughout their trauma.  Shirley, the teenage girl at the time and who was the focus of 'Donald', is still alive and well, and is interviewed by journalist Danny Robbins throughout. 


Available on BBC Sounds.

netflix sd.PNG

How refreshing to have a paranormal documentary that isn't overly dramatic, cliched and silly! 

I really was thrilled to see this trending on Netflix recently, as I binged the entire series in one night. 

It covers many angles of the possibility that life continues post-mortem, and brings into consideration near death experiences (a really cracking first episode!), mediums (both good and bad), signs, ghost sightings, and the final episode, past life experiences.  

Each is dealt with in a studied, rational and scientific manner, rather than the over-the-top tacky way paranormal 'stuff' is normally dealt with on TV these days. So, strap yourselves in for a six part sensational show!

Screenshot 2023-12-10 140928.png

Here is my first ever attempt at a YouTube video! Please forgive the amateur conditions, I'm just dabbling with a view to getting proper microphones etc, but so far, even with just me and my humble gear, people seem to like it. Part 2 is on its way soon...

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