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AUDIO ANALYSIS: Audacity & Ocenaudio - A Quick & Simple Guide to Get Started.

I had never had cause to use an audio editing program before, and I was a little daunted at the idea of having a go!   Once you've been out recording there's so much more to do - it's not simply a case of pressing playback and hearing things. You've got to plug in, see the waveforms, listen and get ready with a notepad and pen! Oh yes, and headphones obviously. Never ever without!

I have spent years sorting my analysis and cataloguing system out, and I'm happy with it. Stick to your method, be methodical and geeky about it, always back up, and sit back and wait for the EVP addiction to get a hold of you! Enjoy. You are about to embark on something that will blow your mind.

Luckily there are some wonderful free and easy-to-use programs out there, and here I have broken down my very basic method with two such programs... Let's go!

My Own Method

Please remember this is only my opinion & very likely there are many other ways to get the job done!

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