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Repeat Offenders

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

To someone new to 'All Of This', you'd be forgiven for thinking me bonkers when I tell you that I feel as if I have actual friends on the other side. Not just passing shades who happen to pop through the veil in audio form either, but people. Personalities. Conscious communicators. So this other side, it does sound rather Victorian and dramatic, but it's just nature. It's just something that we don't (as humans who have been conditioned to believe in birth-life-death-amen) fully understand, and heck, the majority of humans on this planet aren't remotely switched on to this sort of thing, and some frankly, are too closed-off in the mind to even contemplate it.

I refer to the other side of whatever sort of sub-molecular reality, multi-dimensional next level these entities reside in, on, or inside. I have experienced invisible objects smashing next to me on a wall accompanied by the screams of a child yelling, "Go AWAY!", and in the same room have recorded two entirely different things said although each recorder was pressed to record at the exact same time. Multidimensional possibilities are never more real in moments like this. I was sober, I was not addled nor deluded. It was not wishful thinking and the first incident scared me. I have the audio of this, I believe you'll find it in the video vault. These things really happened, understand them or not, but the did - therefore they are. And what it means is that there is more to existence than our own reality.

To the seasoned sort, someone a little bit off-kilter like myself and my ghosting cohorts, a simple statement like that is just run of the mill, every day, the norm. If you are indeed a newbie to all of this, a ghosting greenhorn if you will, then you are probably staring aghast at the screen, finger stabbing ineffectively as you try to justify the outrageous craziness spouting forth from my keyboard! Settle down. It's exciting!

Anyhow I seem to have wondered off-piste again. Oh yes. My regular communicators! How I love them. Back in the early days of The Mallet, say 2017-19 my regular talkers who would say such things as "Oh Ann's back", "That's Ann, she's okay", "Hi Ann..." "We love you!", would cause me to beam from ear to ear when I heard their voices! Mr Romeo was terrific. Without fail wherever I was in the prison I'd receive multiple "I love you" comments, low register, but clear and sweet. Then there was the infamous Mr Grumpy up in the gate lodge, always vile, always rude.

Aside from individual voices (such as the deep DEEP voice of Mr White as I call him, always saying "Not WORKING" - I have him three times in different parts of the prison saying this) there seems to be a general recognition by the masses. A single voice in A Wing servery yelling out "We love you Ann!" implies that I am recognised by many entities, and largely I seem to be liked by them, thank goodness. In the 1610 crawl cell as I call it, a lady says "Thank you Ann - we love you."

If I'm having a down day, I'll play these voices. It's so special and inexplicable to know that I do genuinely have 'friends' in that place, however strange that may seem. Perhaps that's why going to the prison somehow resets my batteries, sorts my head out. I come away feeling cleansed of bedragglements and somehow more sprightly. Perhaps my ghostly buddies have been giving me hugs, who knows.

Whatever the reality of this is, I love it. And I love 'them' too.

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