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One Small Room, One Massive Melting-pot for Phenomena

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

As I planted myself upon the dusty window ledge of the upper room in the old gate lodge at the prison this morning, it occurred to me just how much genuinely bizarre pheomena had happened to me in this very room, not just a little here and there, but the full works. Also in the room below, but the two combined, well... fireworks I tell you! It's worth pointing out that I've yarped on about this on my Case Studies page too, but if ever a small location deserved being copiously talked about it's this one.

So, what's it given me, this 1700s accommodation intended for the gatekeeper of the prison?

* 400+ EVPs, many of class A quality.

* Physical Activity - including two incidents of my bag moving on its own, a flying pebble, and a spinning camera when I wasn't looking.

* Three genuinely freaky photographs of (a) an entity 'posing' against the corner wall. (b) the hand manifesting around my face in the hole in the floor. (c) A weird shape-altering mist on the steps up to the top level photographed from the first room.

* Amazing Ouija work, the evidence gained within it backed up by staff who had known the deceased man talking to us. Also the incredible interaction with young Eddie. More to come on him...

* Two recorders recording at the same time capturing totally different things! Again I have talked about this before because honestly, it blows my mind.

What is it about this space that defies the laws of nature, metaphysical laws, and wipes aside all that we've been conditioned to understand as humans? Particularly the two recorders thing,really, I am still so excited about it I could skip down the road naked...

The TV ghost shows go on about 'portals', like they're a genuine cross-over point to hell or something, but I'm not religious so I'm afraid that talk of hell and the devil are irrelevant. But what I feel (probably absoutely wrong but hey..) is that this space for whatever reason is a pool of dimensional crossovers. I believe that a child screaming at me to "go away!" before an invisible metal object was hurled violently at the wall next to me, was seeing me in the moment. His moment, his reality, seeing me as 'a ghost'. Did I scare him in his bed?

I believe that the character I named as Mr Grumpy is both a shadow, an imprint of what has been, but also has a grasp on our current reality. He has told me to "F*ck off", told me (when I asked if I could sit down) that, "No you f*cking c*nt." As foul as he is, he is intelligently interacting with me in my reality, our current time.

The dual recorder incident defies all logic, how can two entirely different words come out on the waveform clear as day, one capturing "Hello..." the other "Ann..." Sound, time, molecular waves, frequency, what the heck?! A melding of intertwining dimensions playing off each other at the same time - and of course the EVP captured said my name. Some power is at work here.

As for the photographs, two of the three were taken at night on a Canon EOS at night. The other (face in floor) on an ageing Android phone with no flash as the battery was low. It's grainy, it's not great quality - but you have to ask, if a fancy digital camera with smart features had been used to take the photo, would the thing manifesting have shown up? Is this why on sound-purifying gear, high end equipment used by film crews etc, EVPs although sometimes captured, are generally not? Is it a case of the more fancy the camera, the more the middle-road and low resolution captures are filtered out? So I say shoot with all manner of cameras, record on both expensive and cheap DVRs, use flash, don't use flash, use slow-motion, multi shot, use the lot! Who knows how this anomalous phenomena is actually transferred to our lenses and thus to our eyes, but it is, and that is wonderful.

I have zero doubt that the gate lodge will provide more fascinating evidence. I shall update here as and when that happens!

Hats off to you Gate Lodge, Mr Grumpy, and all others that reside there.

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