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Just a Scratch...?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Getting scratched by unseen entities may seem all the rage, I mean you only have to turn on the TV and on some ghost show or other, someone's getting raked. I was always rather sceptical about such things, that was, until it happened to me. Three times actually, and one load of bruises that I cannot for the life of me account for - all I know in that instance is, that they were not there before I went into the prison for an all-nighter, and they appeared in the early hours. My friend Chris saw them and didn't want to say anything in case they were of a 'dodgy' nature!

There came a culminating episode that prompted me to seek outside assistance (and I'm so glad I did because thing were getting how to say, alarming?). This final assault came one evening as I prepared dinner whilst my open-minded sceptical husband Jack also received a nasty attack (and yes, I use this word because it's accurate. This is not something that happened by accident) whilst sat playing the Playstation. This is all briefly recounted in my other blog/s about the activity that occured in our 80's semi between 2017 and 2021, but here I want to home in on the scratches themselves, and ask readers if they too have experienced similar and I have to say, genuine wounds. Not 'oh that could have been when I walked into the door' recollections, or 'maybe it wasn't the brambles I was clearing today that attacked me' sort of things, but REAL encounters. There must be similarities, and I'd love to hear about them.

Now, a certain Mr Bagans who is always claiming that scratch marks come in threes to 'mock the trinity' can in my opinion and experience, be cast aside. I'm not religious so I'm afraid I pay no heed to the Father/Son/Holy Ghost explanation. What I do consider though, on realising that our reality is not the only reality, that our 'human' mortal dimension is not the only one knocking around out there, is that there are such dimensions in which non-human entities are real. Cross reality interactions are indeed plausible and likely. That our grounded born-live-die, time is one straight line conditioning, is far from correct. That there is way more beyond our small-minded comprehension than the current physical, that if dabbling in communications with further multi-dimensional entities, that something from that place/one of those places, may be able to genuinely execute physical harm upon us. This is what I personally believe.

They are not in our physical reality - but we are in theirs.

The activity at home escalated to a point where things were on a daily basis moving on their own, moving position and into other rooms, items slamming into the wall, doors, curtains and windows would all open on their own, lights would turn on and off, ovens the same, and it was at this point that the scratches became (I wouldn't say normal, but...) sort of expected in 'here we go again..' kind of way.

My first scratch came when at the prison during a morning visit on my own. Walking around I became acutely aware of a sharp soreness in a very private place in my undies. Being a horsey girl, I wondered if a sharp hay or long grass seed had perhaps found its way there from my clothes drawer (the number of horse treats I've discovered in my bra at the end of the day bear testement to the fact that these things have a way of secreting themselves and being forgotten!) but I hadn't a clue really. After a time I began walking a little like John Wayne to try to relieve the pain which got gradually worse and worse. I left the prison, keen to get home and see what was up.

Well, I'm not going to stick the picture up, worry not. But on removal of said undies, felt a painful ripping sensation from (I'm really sorry about this but I must be honest) between the cheeks. Congealing blood had formed a scab over two fairly deep cuts emanating from within the buttock cleft, certainly from an area that I had no need to be going! This was no accident, no hay seed, no by-product of ill fitting underwear nor sanitary product. The cuts were about two inches long, began as one and then branced into two in a small curve. The scar is still there today.

A week later I returned to the prison and whilst walking in the wings, felt a light burning on my left arm. I was wearing a T-shirt. I looked down, and there, blossoming crimson, was a two-prong scratch forming in the crook of my elbow. It was like the scratches from down there only considerably longer.

A few weeks after both of these incidents, I was making lunch in the kitchen and again started feeling an angry burning on my neck and chest. I looked in the mirror and was horrified to see a three- pronged scratch welling up over my collar bone and down my chest. I did not do this to myself, nor unwittingly scrape myself on anything. It looked like it had been made by small claws.

All scratches felt like a burn to begin with, like someone was holding a cigarette lighter a few centimetres from the skin. As for the bruises that developed whilst on the prison sleepover, with them I felt nothing.

Jack's scratches were not two-pronged though, they had four lines and were almost drawing blood. After my medium friend Carolyn came to my house to cleanse it of whatever malevolent entity had taken root, I received no more scratches. The bruises came after in September 2020.

So there you have it! My own true weird experiences of being gored by who knows what, for who knows what reason. The mystery of these nasty scratches shall endure, and as fascinating as they are and as mind-blowing as all my house activity was, I'm mightily relieved that it's all over.

Fingers crossed....!

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