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Ghost in the Machine?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

A while back I wrote a post called Dongle Disaster! about my friend Merrick's unfortunate experiences with technology whilst attempting to listen to some of my recordings. To put it bluntly, it was battered. The dongle that was loaded with EVP captures went into the laptop, laptop went funny, lightbulb overhead shattered and rained glass over Merrick and the computer, laptop died, and the dongle flew out of the laptop.

This, you could say, is a classic case of ghostly contagion. I'm now used to reading about contagion with regard to poltergeist cases, but until the point of Merrick's dongle disaster, I'd not really considered that the work I do gathering anomalous voices from whatever dimension they may hail, could do the same. Do the voices contain some latent, dimension-crossing power?

It is well known that (and I'm sorry to go on about poltergeists again but...) one of the traits of infestation may be interference with technology, whether that be televisions, radios,cameras, old VHS, computers, telephones etc. Emails and writing on word documents from deceased individuals from years past emerge in the moment, phone calls from numbers belonging to deceased family members, things like that are not uncommon.

So, bearing this in mind, and the fact that I had poltergeist activity occur regularly in my home up until recently, what were the chances of something like this happening twice in the space of two weeks?

The first came when I was texting Jack on WhatsApp. He works away, and we were having a relaxed conversation about not much in particular. I wrote my text, put the phone down, and went to sit by the TV and began scrolling through the channels. Two minutes later the phone pings, and it's a message from Jack. It says, "No what" (I pulled him up on the lack of punctuation here, don't worry). I looked at the message before, not quite understanding him. Apparently I'd typed "No" after my previous text. Being slightly soppy we always put lots of kisses after each message, this had none. I definitely didn't type it!

It didn't seem to be relevant to the message I had sent, was in not intelligent in that sense. All we'd been discussing was getting my Dad a simple phone before herding him full-pelt and unwilling into the world of The Smartphone in the new year.

We palmed it off as another weird experience, and to be honest I wasn't shocked because some of the things that have happened to me over the past few years would blow the mind of Joe Bloggs on the street (a very English term, sorry if anyone's from across the oceans and beyond and doesn't understand this reference), and so although fascinating and inexplicable, wasn't out of the ordinary.

However, on the 12th December 2021 I dropped into the prison and met up with fellow ghoster Chris, and author/historian/photographer/genius, Dave Cable. I had done an hour and a half's recording about the site, Chris had used his IR robot and cat balls in various place too, and so the session had come to an end. Or so we thought. Dave was in visits, plugged into no less than three screens as he meticulously worked on data for his next book. His first, From the Inside is a superb work of art and a source of much fascinating information. He comes in most Sundays to work in-situ as it were, until disturbed by the likes of Chris or myself!

We were chatting away for around forty-five minutes, my bag, phone and two voice recorders were on the table near to where we stood.

We were discussing a joint investigation at some point in the new year, or more like a series of them, no pseudo-fluff, none of the "Hello is anybody there?" kind of investigating, more a nitty-gritty giving-it-all-we've-got kind of thing, playing to our own particular strengths. We were just wrapping up, and a noise belches forth from Chris's phone in his pocket. Dave and I carried on chatting, content to let Chris answer. Then Chris's expression became frowny.

"Ann you're ringing me." Chris said.

I laughed thinking he was joking, then realising he wasn't, became a little perplexed. Dave looked on with befuddled interest also. The phone continued to ring as I grabbed mine from the table and looked at it. The screen was black. We all looked at Chris's screen and saw that it quite rightly said that Ann Morris was calling via Messenger.

Now, I'd called Chris at 11:21 to ask where he was in the prison as I was ready to call it a day. After that I'd put the phone to bed, and made my way to visits, and the rest you know. The time of this call was 12:12. I may add that it was also the 12th of the 12th month. Temperature? 12 degrees and it's 2021! That's a lot of ones and twos is it not?

The really bizarre thing was, that after Chris cancelled the call, we both checked our call logs. Nothing! The last call was from me to Chris at 11:21, the documented 'real' call. So where was this second one, and how the heck did that happen?!

We dashed forthwith into a quiet room in the back of Visits and did a brief recording session. Unfortunately all we got was a female saying something like, "Young..." which makes absolutely no sense, but such is the way with EVP!

So, do we have a genuine case of a ghost in the machine(s)? If anyone knows of how this occurence could come into being I'd love to hear from you. Suffice to say that we all left The Mallet that day feeling as if we'd witnessed something genuinely paranormal, and even scientific fiend Dave was at a loss as to how it could be. The timing, the people present and what we were talking about... actually we questionning HOW more people in an investigation may up the energy, whereas I normally work solo to get my best results. How would three focused bodies aid the cause? Well, according to this evidence, pretty damn well! It remains to be seen if Mr (or indeed Mrs) tech-savvy spectre will get in touch again. But if they do, you shall be the first to know.

All for now on this fascinating matter, my tummy's rumbling and it's high time for a glass of red.

Night all!


PS: I'd just like to add that a few hours ago, since writing this blog yesterday, something odd happened as I was playing online chess on my phone whilst waiting for my booster.

My pieces began to move. You have to physically drag the pieces to the square of your choice...and the first move happened before I'd even planned my first move! I actually thought there was something wrong with the webiste, had it already deducted a piece or two before the game had begun? No. Apparently I'd already taken a pawn of Jack's BEFORE I'd even looked at the board! Weird stuff with the phone again. Just saying... Oh yes and last night the fan had moved when I turned around.Not a little bit with the vibration, but a deliberate one. Again.

PPS: I'd FURTHER like to add that just now, and I mean five minutes ago, I was playing online chess with a friend from Kent. We both moved a piece, then it flashed up that he'd resigned. I then received a message asking what the **** just happened there?! Apparently he'd not pressed anything! Errm... if my contagious tech-fiddling friend could manipulate the lottery numbers, I'd be eternally grateful!

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