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Dongle Disaster!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Back in Kent where I used to live before I moved to Somerset l, I'd fairly regularly attend group ghost hunts with a reputable lot called Ghost Hunt Events. My favourite venue there (see my top 4 locations page) was Fort Amherst. One night, I met Merrick, a friend of the team and a thoroughly wonderful member of team B, our allocated group for the night. Merrick has significant experience with audio, and is something of a pro' whereas I am most definitely not when it comes to technology and its infinite fathoms of scariness!

Because of Merrick's superior knowledge, I asked if he might like to try to clean up some of my more befuddled EVPs, which he gladly tried to do. However, not all was as it seemed...

I digitally sent Merrick a few files to try out, and using a dongle, he went to upload them to his laptop. As he inserted the dongle and began the process, the thing flew out of the port. Actually flew out, not just fell out. With that, the lightbulb overhead shattered. And the laptop? Dead.

Merrick reported feeling incredibly cold for the next few hours, despite the weather being warm. He messaged me directly after all this occurred, unsure as to whom he could trust to tell in case they thought that he'd gone barmy! I understood.

The guilt over the deceased computer and glassy assault still bothers me years later - and exactly what was it that caused the situation to unfold as it disturbingly did?

I suppose we'll never truly understand the power and nature of the voices, if indeed they had anything to do with it. Perhaps it was all just coincidence. But personally, I'm not so sure.

What do you think?

Huge thanks to Merrick for letting me share his story.

PS: As I was writing about this incident I was upstairs in my little EVP office, as I am now actually. I was writing about the exploding bulb, when suddenly from downstairs came an almighty smashing sound. It was so loud it was as if someone had smashed a bottle of wine against the wall next to me, but downstairs, if that makes sense? I ran hastily down to find that a lightbulb had exploded with considerable aplomb, across the entire living room. Glass splinters had melted into the fibres of the carpet, and there was glass on the window sill, in the plant pots, across the other side of the room. Even now nearly a year later I'm finding bits in places away from prying eyes.

So there we have it. A very strange incident regarding possible phenomenon contagion, not once... But twice. And these weren't isolated incidents either.

All for now!

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