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Coining It

It was summer. It was one of those summer days actually felt like a proper summer's day, if that makes sense. That rare sort in England where one can actually wear shorts for many weeks without looking and feeling like a burke.

My Jack was working abroad, and I was alone. I was treating myself to a Greek-style BBQ and was intermittently dashing from the living room to the kitchen and out to the garden and back in again, generally just getting on with the jolly task at hand whilst supping a glass of red.

Having recently returned from Kefalonia, my handbag was full of cents and the odd euro (and the general fluffy gritty detritus that bags tend to collect) and whilst I sat waiting for the oven to beep signifying the end of cooking for the lemon potatoes, I inverted the bag and scattered the dusty remnants of within all over the coffee table.

My phone squeaked, and I read and replied to the message with my feet up on the table. Then the oven alarm went, so I dropped the phone and rapidly skidaddled to the kitchen. I turned the oven off and removed the tray of tatties, and returned to the living room with my wine in hand.

The second I stepped into the living room I knew that something was up. My eyes went straight to the coffee table where I'd had my feet up on the stuff from my bag.

And there, standing on their spines upright, were two euro coins. Not flat as I'd left them, STANDING ON THEIR SPINES.

I'd been experiencing 'weird stuff' at home (see my Home but Definitely Not Alone blog post) but this was in your face, mischievous, we're trying to mess with you sort of activity. Too much. Too close to home.

​I did what anyone would do and got my recorder and K2 meter. The K2 instantly shot to red, where it remained for a long time.

The recorder captured a man saying "We're bored ducks!" (Ducks is a word used colloquially I believe, a familiar friendly term. It's possibly of London origin - I need to find out).

I went and finished cooking my various bits and pieces and came back to the living room - I decided to move to the other part of the room to eat, the coins still standing proud.

​Around an hour later I went upstairs to visit the loo, and when I came down, both coins lay flat.

Whatever it was, it, my unwanted guest, has left its mark on me. I'm never going to forget what happened here.

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