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Blood & Sound!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

If you've read my previous blog posts you'll be aware that since moving into our house, myself and husband Jack experienced varied forms of activity that could fit neatly into the category of being poltergeist-like. You'll also know that in November 2019 medium Carolyn Findlay came out to help me rid the house of the cause, which she did. A few other things have happened, but I attribute these to perhaps a weakened being, or even the residual energy of the entity that resided here, as the occurrences were both strong and with definite purpose. There was no, "Did I just imagine that?" element at all.

So now it's September 2021 and thanks to all those who voted to leave the EU, we are in the midst of a fuel crisis. Consequently I am unable to visit my Father in Kent as I would like to, nor do anything of a fun nature in case the fuel I do have is to be the last I can find in a while. I am instead sat reading a number of books that I have been itching to get my paws on, and enjoying them both thoroughly. The are the brand new masterpeice by Anabela Cardoso, Glimpses of Another World - Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator, and John and Anne Spencer's 1997 The Poltergeist Phenomenon. Both are fantastic by the way!

Reading the polgergeist volume, it struck me just how many 'symptoms' of a full-blown poltergeist haunting I had experienced at our house, without some of the most common ones oddly. And thankfully. Whilst nothing fell from the space below the ceiling to hit myself or Jack, I did experience levitating objects and movement of objects to other rooms without them actually being seen to move. We did not experience bangs or rappings that responded to our questions, nor did we experience odd substances forming places they had no right to be. That is, until two weeks ago...

I was cooking dinner. The back door was open, next door's cat Bea was asleep in the flower bed, and Jack was in the living room. I was putting dirty implements in the sink and quickly dashed upstairs to the loo. When I returned I was shocked to see thick, large splatters of dark blood over the centre of the kitchen floor. I examined it. Definitely blood, nothing else. I checked myself just to make sure I wasn't haemorrhaging or anything like that from 'down there' and all was fine. I called to Jack and asked if he'd had a nose bleed. No. I checked in the garden and the neighbour's cat Beatrice was still sound asleep - she'd not brought in a murdered sparrow or mouse that had done a runner. Even so, I checked outside for feathers or a body and found none, and inside I shone a torch under the units that a mouse might choose to use for cover if injured, and there was nothing. No blood, no trail, no rodent. This was thick, dark and gelatinous blood, deep body blood, no surface scratches.

The splatters were four in number, and two were of a considerable in size, say as if a small wine glass had been tipped randomly in the middle of the floor. The blobs were not together but around two feet apart, the smaller ones closer together. Again, there were no signs of a trail of blood as if something had been mortally wounded and tried to run off - the blood started and stopped in the middle of our kitchen floor! I even stared suspiciously up at the ceiling. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing there either. It was quite a shock to see.

I showed Jack who was a little surprised, but who in true Jack nature, brushed aside with the comment, "S'a bit weird".

Reading the book again, it mentioned noise - a common form of poltergeist activity particularly in the beginning stages. This reminded me of an event around six months ago whilst Jack and I were on the sofa, he was ringing his Mother in Devon and we were on speaker phone. Suddenly there was a loud grating sound, like a brick being dragged across the outside of the wall right behind us. Our house is on the end of the terrace but we have a neighbour's garage tacked on the end. I ran outside to see if the light was on in it (it was around 9.45pm) but Paul was not in there, all was dark.

I came back inside and the noise continued, up over head height, along the wall. It was flipping loud! I was on high alert by this time, although Jack carried on the conversation with his Mum, he pointed upstairs to me as the noise begain to creep upward on the far wall like someone was dragging the brick across our ceiling! That would mean that it would be in our bedroom.

I took a deep breath and went upstairs, turned left at the stairs, and into our room. All was utterly still. I listened. Nothing in the loft, nothing in the little office room next door. I went downstairs, and Jack finished his call.

"It followed you." He said.


"Yeah, as you went up and into our room, it went across the ceiling and to the middle of the room where you were."

That shook me. However, we heard no more of the grating sound, which I'm rather pleased about.

The most recent noise-related event occurred just last week when Jack returned to work in Holland after our holiday to Greece. I was on my own sat on the sofa, and suddenly there came a powerful crashing sound right next to me on our wooden dresser. It sounded as loud as if someone had smacked a full wine bottle onto the hollow wood of the cabinet door. Things on top of the dresser fell over with the force and I swore out loud as it made me jump out of my nicely relaxed skin!

I checked inside the cabinet to see if a bottle had indeed fallen over making the sound, but nothing had. All was as it should be.

I cannot say what any of these events were caused by. Was I imagining things? Is my house guest back? I'd have to answer No to both of these questions. My demonic non-human resident is not back, if it was I'd have Carolyn back here in a flash, and she lives in Scotland so I'd have to be deadly sure of my decision! However I do know that they did happen, and therefore there must be some explanation for them, and given how things have been the past few years, I don't doubt that every now and then something a little askew will happen. I sort of take weird stuff in my stride now - I'd never want the full-on activity of 2018/19 again, not for anything - but now and again, yes - it's sort of like knowing you're never truly alone. Good or bad, it's going to happen!

Until next time....

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