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THE OPENING SEQUENCE of Nick Groff's series on Discovery Plus DEATH WALKER, frankly blew me away. What he was talking about, the way it was worded - it was as if he'd read my mind and created an entire show around all the things whizzing around in my headspace!

The show is as yet, the most compelling 'paranormal' TV show I've come across, totally due to Nick's out-there approach. Due to the theories raised in the show and the fact that he says;

"If evidence could be gained to prove this theory then it would change the way we think about ghosts forever."

And yes, it would. In fact, the term 'ghost' would mercifully likely cease to be embellished in the way that the majority of people see it it and refer to it, as I've always felt - it, the word Ghost, is a massive umbrella sheltering a plethora of phenomenal possibilities likely too vast for the human comprehension to grasp!

I urge you to watch DEATH WALKER if you possibly can. We bought the subscription by accident, and shall be watching Death Walker for as long as it exists. And possibly a little Portals to Hell.

And the opening sequence?

"There is a new contraversial theory that the past present and future exist simultaneously..."

Apparently this is known as Block Universe Theory - and more can be found on it on various sites around the internet, of course. I am still in the process of reading up myself, and will add links when reputable sites and write-ups can be located.

Much (all) of what I have and continue to experience, would and could well be explained by the existence of a non-linear path of time, that 'our reality' is only ours, and that there are bountiful other realities equally real and active in exactly the same way that ours is.

So for example, when a 'ghost' is seen, is this a snapshot into a living reality that is actually the past but is only occuring now? So yes, they're 'dead people' (as sceptics love to define all things paranormal) in our reality because this person appears to be residing in say, 1600s garb. Of course they're dead! This is 2021! But when they see us, what do they think? There is a fascinating account in Brandon Massullo's THE GHOST STUDIES (do read it if you possibly can! My copy I loaned to a friend with whom I'm no longer involved and they deny all knowledge of having it, it really is a keeper, and therefore I must buy another copy ASAP). In it, he recounts a man in a rural area suddenly seeing a glowing circle of light, and in it, a mother and child in 'period costume' sitting on the grass having a picnic. Both suddenly see the man (modern) and act as though they'd Seen A Ghost! The bubble of light then closes and the people vanish, leaving he witness utterly bewildered. Not ghosts, simply glimpses into another dimesnion in which time jumps, weaves, and mingles...

Do bends and loops in our reality/dimension enable brief (but surprisingly frequent) glimpses into other realities? I have always believed so, but I cannot thank Mr Groff enough for voicing the thoughts of probably many of us out there, and getting this new theory onto the small screen.

With my EVP studies I firmly believe that I dip into these alternative realities/dimensions all the time - sometimes the entities are absolutely 100% aware of my presence and who I am, and at other times they seem immersed in their own 'archaic' world. Sometimes there's a combination of both.

I will continue to update this page with my findings - and if Nick Groff or anyone connected to him would like to get in touch it would be MUCH appreciated! I have tried to contact him but will doubtelss get nowhere, as I'd also like to talk to him about another matter too, with which he could help. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Shepton Mallet prison in 2018 when filming Paranormal Lockdown, and now have so much more to discuss with him!

All for now...

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