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Vestigial Sensory Perception?

It's been quite a while since my last blog, but that's okay because nobody reads them anyway. It's May the 23rd and our new resuce cat Luca, has his bum half on my keyboard which is very unhelpful. I have been absent because I've been engrossing myself in a number of creative projects that have taken up lots of spare time! And, they're all (surprise surprise) to do with my EVP doings.

In April of next year I'm booked in to do a talk at the prison. Yes, I know, a whole 11 months away and who knows, the prison will probably be closed again by then so maybe I'm slogging my brain for nothing, but nonetheless, I'm working hard on it because I want it to be amazing!

I've also been working on a short film to try to get someone to save the prison if and when the time comes, which it surely will, when the developers decide that the time is right to bring that hammer down and smash history to pieces and turn it into luxury flats and town houses. Jeez it makes me want to puke... Anyway, the film that was due to be 15 minutes long is now nearly 50, but amateurish though it undoubtedly is, I'm quite pleased with it. It shall remain intact and ready to be unleashed to the media when the time is right.

I've also utterly neglected my YouTube channel, and I've been attempting to edit my book. So you see, I've been wrapped up in all sorts.

Okay. So whilst plotting my talk, I came up with a theory as to why some people can see/hear/feel things that others can't , why some people seem blessed with super perception whereas others are just totally closed off. The closed off ones are likely those who scoff at people who are tuned in to phenomena and have experienced it, and I think I have something here...

Our ancestors were far more perceptive, they had to be to survive. Okay so maybe they didn't (and they didn't) see in full spectrum, but most likely they did have more defined and powerful senses to survive, including sensitivity to sound and atmosphere. Our modern day existence is so different because we don't need to be as perceptive nor intuitive to get by. In fact, I'd say that for the generation born into the world where 99% of life is with swiping thumbs and bent heads looking at a scrolling screen playing games, natural sensory perception is pretty much null and void, but maybe there's some vague hope.

However, I think that the ability to tap into these sensory traits is not totally gone. Let's call it a vestigial trait; meaning something that due to unuse has begun to devolve and to disappear. Obviously we're talking sensory here, not necessarily of the physical, in this case. Whales and dolphins for example, still have the vestigial remains of the pelvis that once locked in their hind limbs. This is a trait from when they were land animals, who began to move into the water some 53 million hears ago. They also have finger-like bones in their pectoral fins. So my point is, that the term 'use it or lose it' is quite applicable here, and I feel that a sensory version of this is a distinct possiblity that may allow certain individuals that have a latent, vestigial characteristic still hiding away, thus enabling them to experience peeks into another level of perception. Experiences that to 'normal' people would be deemed to be of a paranormal nature. Let's call it Vestigial Sensory Perception - VSP.

Just because someone sees things in the moment or hears things in the moment (disembodied audio phenomena) or may be gifted with EVP, doesn't mean that they are crazy. It just may mean that they have more VSP.

Just a thought!

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