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Amusing Musings - how EVP captures lead to BIG questions

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

So, after gathering thousands upon thousands of EVP captures, listening to them all and analysing them, enhancing a few, deleting others - what's the next step? Yes, I can see how many captures I make per visit, I can ask things like, does the weather affect the quality and quantity, and does there seem to be a pattern hidden amidst all this data? Well yes, but there's something else I want to address.

The entities themselves, the consciousness behind the words. In all, or in most of the 'intelligent' communications, I find traits. And it is within these traits that huge revelations I feel, may be unleashed. Here are a few musings that I had this morning over coffee. I was, I add, supposed to be getting our guest bedroom ready for a visiting bod' to occupy it tomorrow, but instead I found myself immersed in this. But hey ho! Here we go... Let's deal with recognition of ourselves by entities, familiarity within recognition, and the use of 'we' and 'us' by these unseen folks!

Recognition: Implies a repeated familiarity

This tells us that the individual entity has encountered us on more than one occasion. This means that in their dimension/reality, there is a plateau of time for them to be able to recognise that this is a repeat meeting, and that ‘they’ are not simply buzzing around the ether all over the place.

Does this mean that these entities are focused or tied to this particular location? Does this imply that the concept of time is still relevant to ‘them’ as it is us? Or perhaps it is that coming into contact with us as mortals on a particular wavelength/frequency within our own current timeline, somehow enables ‘them’ to focus and appear to be in one place at one time? Is this sort of interaction, the one that we can identify with through audio, just one presentation of of an entity that may have multiple parts?

For example, if a person died in the prison infirmary, would the first ‘skin’ of spiritual energy remain in that physical place, whereas the next layer would go on somewhere else, and the next to somewhere else again…? I have been in a location that I had never previously entered. Yet the first EVP capture was “Hey Ann”, as if I’d just happened to come across them at a party, or unexpectedly out and about. This demonstrates not only repeated familiarity and personal knowledge (as a friend would greet another) but shows that a physical location is not necessarily the cage that holds the spirit.


This means that the entity/ies are used to seeing this person within their physical dimension, and that they are not surprised by it. They may not be in our physical dimension but we are in theirs. What does this mean about multi-dimensional possibilities and the plausible concept of multiple realities mixing?

Comments from entities who recognise us range from friendly to very hostile. These comments whatever they may be, prove that the entities have the ability to not only recognise us after repeatedly coming into contact with us, but to project audibly their feelings towards us, whether good or bad. This proves that emotion and personal traits remain in this particular phase after physical death.

Repeated mentions of my name for example, and things like knowing someone else’s name even if they have not spoken or been introduced in a certain location (Jayne in Security), add up to an advanced awareness beyond our comprehension. Perhaps not quite clairvoyance, but there is a certain superior knowledge of details of which a mortal person would not be aware. How is this?

Use of collective ‘we’

On many occasions I have recorded the use of the word ‘we’. Generally in a positive light, it seems as if there is a spokesperson in these situations that chooses/is elected to communicate a feeling or response from multiple entities.

Some examples of this may be: “We love you Ann”. “We’re dead”, and “You have a bond with us.”

Each of these genuine examples (all from the prison) imply all of the traits of the above paragraphs. The use of ‘we’ and ‘us’ clearly shows that entities in whatever dimension they are in (skin 1?) are able to be aware of each other, which is a huge comfort. It brings us closer to answering that king of all questions, will we see our loved ones once again after death?

These entities that proffer familiarity and recognition, who speak to us as if from a formed group, did they know each other in our dimension, or are entities in this next phase, skin 1, of all times and ages? Could a child from 1692 mingle in phase/skin 1 with Derek from C Wing who passed away in 1992? Are there different waves, bubbles etc. for entities as they pass from skin to skin? Does the immediate phase post-physical death (skin 1) imprint permanently, like a sub-molecular bomb blast, or does it wane like afterburn? Actually, like a sunburn. Initially it hurts, red, sore, weeping, peeling – that energy has been imparted and impacts on the individual with power. Gradually it diminishes. Sometimes but not always, it scars. But where does this energy go? Does skin 2 take on a more vague and dispersed reality, where cognition and personality phase out, or does this rebuild and move to skin 3?

Would this go some way to theorising about the different sorts of entity with which us mortals on our own current physical plane, come into contact? Say for example the poltergeist. It/they are not always associated with a deceased human, yet in many cases the presence of such an entity plays a role.

Poltergeist-like phenomena has many batteries, the human focus being just one. The other elements of a poltergeist haunt bring together many different sorts of phenomena, perhaps not from one dimension, but from say skins 3 and 9, pulling on the energy from a skin 1 deceased person, to fire up and be able to physically evolve activity?

The average time for a poltergeist haunt is several months, with rare cases such as the Battersea case going on for 12 years, but on the whole they are short-lived affairs – as if powers are taken back. Almost like a spiritual Butlins, the fun’s got to end sometime! (It’s going to be great, Son! This new place, you can throw stuff, there’s taps we can turn on, you can even do a bit of levitation if you feel up to it! But just remember, we’ve only got the Silver package, so no green foam out of taps, and you can’t scratch the human focus. Don’t look so sad, you never know, maybe next time we can stretch to the Gold package, let ourselves go!).

What do I mean by this? Well, although poltergeist activity is diverse and potentially terrifying, the multitudes of phenomena within the field of a poltergeist haunt will display traits that can almost be ticked off a list. Like a list of superpowers, some cases display all, some a couple of traits, and some come and go.

Has Fred only got a 2 star badge this week? Ok Fred, here you go. You can move a bit of furniture, perhaps do a bit of banging this week, but until you power-up there’s just no way you can contemplate lithobolia, okay? Maybe it’s like ghostly Brownies or Scouts. You have to earn your badges...

So could it be like a Top Trumps of superpowers out there?! Is activity subject to a sort of spiritual credit-score? Like a game of chess.. sometimes it goes flawlessly, other times if all the elements are not in place and linked correctly, your individual powers are scuppered and you end up checkmated within four moves. Is this what it’s like in the next dimensions?? Do certain elements have to combine for entities to reveal themselves or to interact? This could explain why a haunt case often turns out to involve a combination of entity, for no one is the same.

People often group 'ghosts' together with poltergeists, with residual apparitions, with intelligent apparitions, when in actuality although all of paranormal origin (because we can't explain it) they are not necessarily connected. From my own experiences with middling poltergeistery at home, it was likely due to the fact that I 'work' with EVP, and also had a late resident of my home still loitering around. Every so often he makes himself known. I thank my lucky stars that I have not seen anything as I'd probably keel over and have a coronary. (but maybe because my lot didn't choose the Gold Package Haunt Experience!). It may take lots and lots of different factors to come together in a certain way to produce certain types of haunt-type phenomena. Like adhering to a recipe. Rarely will things come out exactly the same even if followed to the letter - and these are variables we understand and can control, not things way out there in the multi/sub/super-dimensional ether.

So, residual haunt-type phenomena such as apparitions on a loop, smells and sounds in some cases may not share any foundational traits with an intelligent entity for example. I personally feel that cases of residual haunts are the imprint left over from a charged situation. Like the casing left behind by a spent bullet. Different then, to an intelligent haunting (what I had) wherein the entity is deliberately and successfully interacting with you. The two sorts are possibly figuratively and quite literally, on a different level. But often in home hauntings you'll find a blend of both sorts of phenomena - whether someone has died in the home or not, may be irrelevant. But it certainly ramps things up if you have an actual 'ghost' too!

Whatever the case may be, perhaps longevity of activity diminishes over time because the natural power wanes, because it is subject to forces beyond just one dimension, one that in our physical world is seen heard and felt as chaotic frightening haunt-type activity.

Because nothing, not even ghosts, go on forever. The cycle continues.

All for now.


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