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A Question of Perspective?

Okay, so I don't want to keep going on about the same old things, but the EVP capture I recorded at Frankata in Kefalonia in August 2022 (see my last 2 blogs!) has really got to me. I seem to have tapped into what we mortal lot, would deem 'the past'. But is it?

I've droned on about all this before in several posts, in particular Poltergeisty Ponderings and in my piece about the Old Gate Lodge in HMP Shepton Mallet, where time and reality seems to jump and loop back upon itself. Where the 'now' becomes muddled, and what is in our minds, the past, So, looking at my recording, let's examine the facts:

It was 38 degrees. I was standing in a rural, scrubby area of land at the foot of a cliff situated at the fringe of arable farm land in Greece. This small, non-descript yet stunningly beautiful location was the site designate by German soldiers to bring no less than 461 disarmed Italian soldiers from the camp in Valsamata (the next little village where on of the the Italian medical units was based), and kill them in groups of between 4-10. This happened on the 24th September 1943.

The area where the shootings occurred is backed by the previously mentioned cliff face, but at the bottom of it, a shallow cave. I believe that the Germans would have marched the men down the chalky stony lane from Valsamata, and taken them into the field opposite before forcing them to remove any valuables that they still may have had on them, then transferring them in small batches to the cliff, where the inevitable happend.

It was here that I recorded, just for a few minutes, the best capture being, "Put your hands in the air". In English, but not with an English accent.

Now, I assumed that I'd heard a residual echo of the atrocity, a young German ordering the condemned men before him to raise their hands and accept their fates.

But how about, this young solider (he sounds as if he's in his late teens or twenties) was actually not in the past, but in the now, seeing me in his present, and demanding of me what he did the soldiers? Do we always leap to the conclusion that a communication is either intelligent OR residual? What if it could be a bit of both? Just like a capture at the prison on A Wing once, very clearly, a gent' asked me if I was "...a prisoner here?" curiously and politely. He was seeing me in his physical reality and just asking. Unaware that he was not in my reality or time, probably really irritated that I wasn't responding to him. That's the annoying thing with EVP, it's so exciting listening later to hear what you've got, but it lilkely greatly irks those invisible folks who just a chat.

I think in this instance and in the Frankata execution recordings there is mix of intelligent, in the now, in OUR reality - mixed with THEIR intelligent, what we deem residual. Why should anything be any ONE thing? Given the bonkers concepts that we as the paranormally intrigued strive to get our heads round on a daily basis, adding more multi-threaded strings to a multi-strung bow should pose no intimidation at all.

I remember reading on an online para’ forum, somebody’s comment about ‘ghosts in Normandy’, and it both made me chuckle and become enraged simultaneously. This person was saying that because the Normandy landings occurred ‘recently’ (in the grand scheme of things) that it was far too soon for paranormal activity to occur because these things only happen after hundreds of years. I’m paraphrasing, but this was his gist. I guffawed. And spat. This fella was pontificating to his throng of online devotees who probably lapped up his uh, wisdom. As I sat listening to my not unconsiderable cluster of Normandy EVP captures, I wondered why on earth he thought what he did? The fresher the better in my opinion!

Does what begins as intelligent fade into residual in our dimension, yet on ‘their’ side continue in the now? Possibly our mortal human belief of what is happening now is actually highly skewed, as we’ve discussed before the non-linear craziness of this concept we call time, may just be that – a mere thought.

Time and time again (no pun intended!) captures I’ve been lucky enough to record have posed many quesitons about such possibilities. Different perspectives, points of view, it all depends on where you’re standing…. just because we perceive something as an echo, doesn't mean that it is.

I now think that 'residual' interactions and captures may be a good portion of both past and our present. I think the German soldier was still imprinted, a valid 'living' thing where he was hailing from (again, he was in the same place in front of that cliff as I) and he was seeing me as clear as day, where he was. I could only hear him. It's all a bit in favour of the 'entity' (as we understand him to be). A bit of a bee-sting, decidedly one-way situation in which he can see hear and talk to us, even physically communicate I imagine, but we're stuck with one tool only, the recorder. He has 4 weopans, we have one, or maybe one and a half if you count 'feeling' atmospheres! Or at least I do. Wherever they hail from, they certainly have more in their armoury than us lot.

So that goes to say, perhaps the act of recording accesses a dimensional level barely on the cusp of human perception, thus it takes a meddling of frequencial tinkering via a dictaphone and the magic of revealing on playback, the fact that there IS someone, or something, in our relaity. Just not the physical. Some people may be able to see my German soldier. Some might hear him in the moment - but I can not. I am not a medium, I am not gifted in that way.

But I find that EVP recording is like taking a long long straw and dipping it below the surface of the ocean, and pulling out multitudes of twinklin gold amoeba. Back on the surface they're strange things of ethereal beauty that cannot exist above water, but down there, they're in their element. Literally. We just have to dip into it...

Elemental cross-overs. There's a topic... for next time.

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