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My Mid-Year Discoveries Laid Bare

On the face of it I'm afraid this is another stats -related post, although I think it is fascinating. I've blogged before about average captures per hour etc. etc. but this time, (and I don't know why, because it's a flipping gorgeous day outside...) I chose to devote an entire afternoon to analysing 2017-2023's data. But as I've said before, the studying of the data post-investigation is vital if we're to achieve anything. Just going out and speaking into a recorder asking 'if anyone's there' is not going to assist in the understanding of anything whatsoever.

So without further boring ado, what I present to you below is the following:

* Each year's visits and the average captures per hour PER VISIT.

* Breaking it down - averages per hour PER MONTH.

* Going further - averages per hour PER YEAR.

I haven't yet had the brain power nor energy to tackle new questions raised by the peaks and troughs revealed within - only that I know now that my previous mantra of, "If the ice hasn't thawed, get out and record!" is apparently a load of twaddle! Currently the month of August heads the field for the most productive, E.V.P-wise.

So, prepared to go crossy-eyed with boredom, but here you go!

In the graph below the letters correspond to the year in question:

A 2017

B 2018

C 2019

D 2020

E 2021

F 2022

G 2023

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