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Dancing Ghost!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

In 2018 Jack and I began to take Greek dance classes in preparation for our Greek-themed wedding. I actually started them before in 2018 in Queen Camel village hall with the loveliest group of ladies (and two gents) because I drool over anything Hellenic, and also because I was getting fat and because I love Greek music. I did a little research, and found a genuine Greek dance teacher just a few miles away! It was great fun.

One morning at the prison I found myself as ever, alone. I was in Treadmill Infirmary, a long carpeted cosy-feeling room that utterly belies its history. As nobody was about, I reached for my phone and found one of the tracks that our teacher regularly had us leaping around to, and began to prance about practicing my steps. The song is called Gitonaki Mou (My Neighbour) by Giannis Poulopoulos.

In the recording you can hear me thumping on the floor, you can hear the music, and then... a man is counting my steps!

"One, two, three four five.."

It made me laugh to hear him, and proves that 'they' are not all about death, doom and gloom! Also that they can be as in-the-moment as you or I, have intelligence, and can interact absolutely with the living.

It was one of those life-affirming captures, and I love it!

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