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Other Paranormal Experiences

Since discovering the joys of EVP investigation I've been lucky to have experienced some pretty amazing other forms of activity. 


This has grown in frequency and severity, has enthralled, frightened, and humbled me.  

I shall share some of these stand-out moments with you here.

(Check my blog page for more thorough details of many of these incidents)


One afternoon I met two friends at the prison, and we headed to the gate lodge to do a bit of recording. As we finished up, we decided to do the tourist thing and take each others’ photos through the hole in the floor/ceiling of the first and second floors. Sending Charlotte downstairs to do mine, I put my face into the hole in the floor and she snapped away. After a few seconds there was this awful smell that got steadily stronger. I joked with my friend Jim that someone must have had a curry the night before! Except it was worse than that. It was a cross between bad eggs, dog mess, and vomit. We rapidly left.

That night I looked at the photos taken on my phone, and was absolutely shocked at what I saw. Charlotte had taken three pictures. One and two were fine, but three was very disturbing.

Around my chin and cheeks is a silver hand. You can see the thumb nail shining! There are wisps of something white and smoky around my nose (this wasn’t my breath) and my mouth is misshapen as if something is half covering it or in the process of manifesting over it. There is a vague hint at something appearing on the other side of my face, but this is not as pronounced as the hand which appears to almost be cupping my face. I have tried to enhance using different filters and adjustments, so see what you make of it!

wix details.png
March normal (2)_edited.jpg
IMG_20180308_125507 (5)_edited.jpg



One afternoon on Shepton's B Wing, I was with friends just after the photo further up the page was taken. B Wing is the most iconic Victorian wing, and  Charlotte and I took a photo of us with the wing stretching out behind. It was later that day that I noticed that there is 'someone' in the background by the stairs down to the bath house. None of us, and there was no one else on site.

In case it was the railings causing the eye to think that there is a humanoid form at the end of the wing, I have many times, tried to recreate this shot - without luck. 

That was quite a day for capturing activity!


Eddie & The Ouija Board


Ouija boards get a lot of flack, as do those who use them.  Personally I think that Hollywood has a lot to play in that, but having said that they can genuinely work - and not purely through the power of the subconscious or via fakery.  

One time that proved exceedingly beneficial came in 2019.

Myself and Jack, plus four of the prison staff were on site after hours.  We had previously worked very well together, and now that the general public were away, wanted to try our hand as  team again. We went to C Wing, and set up the Ouija table, and I left my recorder on the side of the wing.

Things began to happen, and although the activity was fun and interesting, I hadn't yet had a real part to play. Just as we were about to call it a day (or night, it was 11pm) Will asked if there was anything else anyone wanted to say. The planchette shot to ANN.


So I asked if it was me they definitely wanted to speak to. YES. 'How do you know me?'  GATE GATE GATE. 'From the old gate lodge?'  YES. 

We ascertained that the communicator's name was EDDE. We think this was meant to perhaps be EDDIE, so that's what we called him. 

GO GO GO. 'Eddie, do you want me to go?' I asked. NO. 'Do you want to go?' YES YES YES.  'Okay Eddie, we'll be in the gate lodge very soon...'

We packed up the table and virtually ran to the old gate lodge, and once again set up. Immediately the planchette flew to EDDE when we asked who was present. 

Okay Eddie, I said, 'if you can tell me the name of the lady who will help you to leave this place, I'll get her to help you very soon. Okay?' Without pausing, the planchette began to spell out my medium friend's name. CARO CARO CARO. Her name is Carolyn.

This is a good example of how using several different methods of communication can result in positivity. Carolyn and I came to the prison one quiet afternoon a few weeks later, and she released young Eddie.  As we ascended the stairs to begin the process, my recorder captured a little boy's voice shouting excitedly, "CAROLYN!"

Carolyn is also a talented artist who sketches her communicators. She drew little Eddie and I'm proud to show you her drawing here.


An Embarrassing Thing Happened...

Picture the scene. You're about half way through your three hour walkabout of Shepton Prison, when you start to feel...chafing somewhere rather private. Let's just say 'the back nether regions'. It gets increasingly sore, almost like there's a painful rash from a stuck hayseed or something.

You go home, and (sorry I did say this is awkward) go to the bathroom to see what's going on. You try to pull down your ahem, under garments, but they're stuck - then one yank and it's done, like pulling off a plaster. They were stuck to your skin with dried blood, a small but thick scab of it, that would have been touching where the pain was worst. Right between the buttocks.

Now I don't want to get too graphic but I had to use a mirror to see because this cut was somewhere I couldn't reach! But there it was, a dual scratch coming from right between the cheeks, pretty nasty and deep.  This was not something I'd done myself. Nor was there anything in my underwear that would have caused such a cut. 

I checked a few weeks later and it's scarred - I won't post a photograph though, don't worry! 


The case above (the embarrassing scratch!) was not an isolated incident, although it is the only one to have occurred Down There.  

There was another shortly afterwards on my left arm, and also the one below on my chest that I received in June 2020. I hadn't done it myself, and it was only when I felt a burning and looked in the mirror that I saw the marks.



Alone at 1am in deserted governor's office. Purple light flies into the room. There were no other lights near, no street lights, no car lights reflected, nothing. Not seen at the time. 

During a recording session the lid of my camera case begins to creak as if being pushed down heavily. I was unaware that the bag was the focus and therefore there could be some discrepancy as to whether I pushed it myself out of shot - which I assure you I didn't. Purists will say that this discounts my footage here, but I can genuinely say that I was behind the camera well away from the moving bag.

I was setting up my camcorder pointing at my bag, which seems to have been of much interest to 'them' previously. Unbeknown to me, the second I put my recorder down in shot, it spins away. I did not notice this until reviewing footage later that day.

Moving bag round 2: A few weeks after the first incident (see above) I asked for 'them' to move the bag again if possible. The lid this time was opened lying back, not quite touching the floor. On command the lid drops to the floor and stays there.

(read 2 blogs for full details on these occurrences - 'Home and Definitely Not Alone' & 'Not So Cool When It's Happening to You'

Bluetooth speaker dances deliberately and slowly on bedside table as I lay down. (October 28th 2017)


Henry hoover levitates in living room


TV on and off multiple times in living room


TV on and off multiple times in bedroom


Curtains opened in morning three times in living room


Windows opened wide in spare room during the night (was November and cold, it was not me) (November 12th 2019 day AFTER cleansing by Carolyn)


Coasters appearing on outside of window in spare room, that had been on the ledge inside, Mum and stepdad noted (September 2020)


Downstairs lights coming on during the night multiple times (approx’ 6)


Office curtains opened and closed twice


Picture hanging outside spare room moved 180dgs to bang on our bedroom door then wedge itself in the banisters (2019)


Oven turns off halfway through cook, then metal skewer flies out of unit (August 4th 2020 @ approx’ 4.10pm)


EVPs after funeral home interview – multiple (June 2021)

Coins stand on spines on coffee table for 3hrs + EVP saying “We’re bored ducks!” (July 27th 2019)

Noise like brick dragging over wall in living room then followed me upstairs and across floor. (Summer 2021)


Aircon unit slams into wall at 2.30am. Then bedside light comes on for few secs, but the bulb’s been dead for days. (November 2019)


Jack receives a scratch on his arm almost drawing blood (November 2019)

Fan jumps onto floor from bedside table when my back is turned (not on) (2018)

Fan comes on upstairs when I’m downstairs. It was on rotate (we have it on static) and the base was now facing the wall. (November 2019)


Big black fan that’s hard to tilt, moves position after I visit loo in night. From being facing me in bed from the foot end, the face of the fan is now parallel to the ceiling. (November 2021)


Metal fan next to my bed turns to face the wall when I’m lying reading on my side away from it. (2021)


Metal fan next to my bed has face turned after I come back from the loo. (September 2021)


Metal fan next to my bed has face turned after I turn over from lying on my side, to then face it and see that it is no longer how it was ten mins previously. (14th December 2021)


I turn onto my side when Jack’s away at work, and when I turn back over all his pillows are gone. Where? Stacked up neatly by the bedroom door. (2019)


Landing light turns on and off during the night, multiple times.


Extractor fan in kitchen comes on to setting 3 when I’m upstairs. (2018)


Large Black and Decker lawn mower hood/cover turns up in the middle of our back garden that is walled off on all sides. Asked neighbours, no one knew anything about it. (Autumn 2019)


Porch door that was wedged open slams violently shut when I am in the kitchen. This door is hard to close even when you have your hip against it due to the airlock in the porch itself. (Summer 2019)


Porch door locks me out after heading to takeaway with two friends. Was wedged open. (November 2019)


Lightbulb downstairs shatters very loudly (I thought someone had thrown a bottle through the window – I was upstairs). I had been writing about an incident in which a friend’s lightbulb had shattered as he tried to play some of my EVPs, the dongle flew from his computer, and the laptop died on the spot as the glass from the bulb rained down. I am still finding glass. Some of it melted the carpet. (Summer 2021)


George Forman grill comes on when I’m writing upstairs. Smoke alarm goes off – it was not on when I left or it would have sounded within ten mins. I’d been writing for nearly 2 hours. (2019)


Laundry basket rocks deliberately and slowly side to side on the landing as I’m coming out of the loo. (Nov’ 2021)

2022: Kitchen hot tap comes on full as Jac and I are upstairs doing our teeth before bed. (Feb)

Kitchen: a metal skewer was positioned underneath a coaster hanging over the edge of the worktop.

A sheet of A4 paper is stuck apparently with nothing, on our bedroom wall. I came in and it was just there. No damp, nothing sticky, just there.

A chisel was wedged underneath the drying rack in the kitchen, the handle overhanging the side. Very similar to the skewer incident recently. (March 2022)

Multiple Technology Issues: Over a period of 2 weeks remarkably similar strange things happening, mainly concerning my phone. Phantom texts and calls etc.
See blog, 'Ghost in the Machine' for details!

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