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MY PARANORMAL STATEMENT: My personal take on 'all of this', getting things straighter. Or at least less wonky.

WHAT IS EVP? : The basics

EVP SOUNDBITE VAULT: A handful of EVP captures. I have over 6000 in total but obviously cannot showcase them all.

EVP VIDEO VAULT: Collections of captures from various locations.

EVP CATEGORIES - EXAMPLES BY TYPE: Different sorts of communications raise many questions!

EVP THEORIES: Both mine and those of others.

ITC/ EVP/ DRV: Because EVP isn't the only way to go! Examining other methods of communication.

LOST VOICES BLOG: My regularly updated collection of topical musings based on my own experiences.

MATRIXING & PARAEDOILIA: Examining some of the most common pitfalls of the field.

SOUNDWAVES: The physical representation of captures & the basics of reading a wave form. 

EVP RECORDING LOCATIONS: From all over the place! Greece, Germany, France, UK...

EVP LOCATIONS CASE STUDIES: Taking time to delve into my most intriguing sessions.

HOW TO - RECORDING & AUDIO SOFTWARE: What I get up to and how

HOW TO - THE CATALOGUE: The process and value of keeping those records straight.

HOW TO - WHAT NEXT ? WHAT D'YOU DO WITH DATA?: So you've recorded, catalogued and been amazed. Now what?!

 From levitating hoovers to flying skewers, pools of blood appearing on the floor, self-opening windows, balancing coins, and much much more.

RECOMMENDED KIT: What I like to use.

ON MY BOOKSHELF: Because unless you're immersing yourself in this World of Weird, you're massively missing out! There are a growing number of publications out there. These are just some of my favourites.

MEDIA: Because I've managed somehow to get articles into a few magazines and have been interviewed for a book on HMP Shepton Mallet, plus had other dalliances in the limelight.

GALLERY: Pictures! All my own.

CAN YOU HELP ME?: I'm always on the lookout for new places to record. Can you help? Can you put forward a location that is quiet, cheap (I'm not rolling in it!) and with the potential to give up its treasure? Let me know...

CONTACT: Because I'd love to hear from fellow enthusiasts
That said, I recently received emails from scammers and so I believe, someone up-to no good. So please, genuine folks only! I am a one-man-band and make no money from doing this. 


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